Magnesphere is an abbreviation for a wavelength in diameter, sphere of pure magnetic energy. The smallest magnesphere (a singular magnesphere) is formed by electron movement inside the atom. The larger magnespheres are composed of tiny “gamma ray” sized magnespheres. They travel like a spherical swarm of bees cast off from the atoms in a conductor.

The polarity of the magnesphere is determined by the direction of the electrical current in the conductor. The size of the magnesphere is determined by the time the magnetic field has to grow while the electrical current is running in one direction.

Experimentation Links:

surface inversion demonstrations

refraction and compression demonstrations

size, magnetic structure, polarity, selective reflection demonstrations

the spherical shape of energy demonstrations

For a more in depth understanding,
please refer to the following pages in Magnespheres & the Spring Atom

Size, structure, radiation
Page 8

Size, resonance
magnetic field
Page 9

Elastic, transparent, compression
Page 10

Reflection from a
parabolic dish
Pages 14-17

Screens transparent
and opaque
Page 29

6,000 photons, bounce
or reradiate
Page 31

Time, mass,
motion & relativity
Page 37

Unification theory
Page 38

Intercepting magnespheres
Page 43

Polarizing grills
Page 45

Reflection, dispersion
Page 47

Page 48

Page 49

Constructive interference
Page 50

Rejection fields
Pages 52a-52b

Repulsion fields
Page 52h

Total internal reflection
Page 53

Reflecting edge
Pages 82

Electro magnetic spectrum
Page 87

& electric current
Page 17 addendum

& electrons
Page 18 addendum

Magnespheres & heat
Page 19 addendum

Page 27 addendum

Reflection & grazing angles
Page 28 addendum

Hot fusion, cold fusion, confusion
Page 37 addendum

Page 41 addendum

Ionosphere & reflectivity
Page 41 addendum

A resonant length
Page 42 addendum

Gamma radiation vs electrical current
Page 53 addendum

coalition & reflection
Page 69-70 addendum

Magnetic fields and
the human body
Pages 71-73 addendum

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