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Larry Spring's Magnetic Levitation
Mendocino Brushless Solar Motor

Clean, renewable energy from the sun

February, 1991, Doug Doe of Mendocino California loaned Larry Spring a little solar motor that Larry placed in the window of his electromagnetic experimentation shop on the Mendocino Coast.

Bob Blick motor
 Bob Blick a local electronic wizard and teacher had constructed a simple solar motor with Doug Doe some years earlier, using a solar cell mounted on a coil wound around a spool from the center of a roll of scotch tape.

A few months later Larry constructed his first solar motor. This unique motor is self starting as the solar cells are mounted right on the armature of the motor. On July 4, 1994, Larry suspended the armature on magnetic bearings creating the Larry Spring's Magnetic Levitation Mendocino Brushless Solar Motor.

To Larry's knowledge this may be the first of its kind. If you have positive documentation of an earlier model, we would be happy to review, and give proper credit. 
1. Photons (Magnespheres in the visible range) energize the solar cells with pure magnetic energy which causes electron flow (electrical current).

2. The electrical current (or energy) travels via electrons through the wire wrapped around the armature.

3. The expanding magnetic field of the wire is rejected by the permanent magnetic field of the drive magnet.  This “kicking out” action causes the armature to rotate above the magnetic field of the ceramic magnets. (A DC magnesphere, can range in size from near 0 – to potential infinity)

Larry Spring also uses the Spring Demonstrator to show how simple motors work.

Book photo

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